Visiting Skopleos Off-Season:

Locals and expats with houses on Skopelos all agree: the best time to visit is late March, April, May or September, October, November. Here is why:


Weather for beaches or walking


In low season, the weather is still very good, but not quite as intense as high summer. The average April, May, September, October, November day is somewhere in the twenties centigrade with generally clear, sunny skies. Extend your summer on the beach, swimming in the sea or walking the island in ideal conditions.


Great visibility to enjoy the views


Slightly cooler temperatures mean less of a ‘UV’ haze so clearer air. Enjoy beautiful views across the Aegean to neighbouring Skiathos, Alonissos and Evia at their most magnificent.


Optimum light for photography


Reduced haze also means the best conditions for photography. Pro photographers and serious amateurs tend to visit in late September or October with natural light at its optimum and fewer tourists getting in the way of the perfect shot!


Spring blooms/ Autumn fruits


September, October, November is peak period for Skopelos’ bountiful autumn fruit harvest. April and May bring spring blooms and colour. Foraging fruit or enjoying the spring colours bring an extra dimension to walks. A fabulous free resource on Skopelos' wild flowers is the following website:


Tavernas and cafes still open


Many cafes and tavernas remain open throughout the year in Skopelos Town. Tavernas in Glossa and at the beaches of Agnondas and Panormos open from roughly mid-April to end-October. Service everywhere has a more personal tone than in peak season.


All quiet on beautiful beaches


Skopelos has some of the most naturally beautiful beaches, bays and coastlines in the Aegean. Have the run of these wonderful natural places virtually to yourself!


A chance to observe genuine local life


In high summer, Skopelitans are focused on attending to the tourists, so there is little ‘authentic’ island life. In April, May, late September, October and November, you can witness genuine Skopleliti weddings, see kids going to school and appreciate the 'real' island community. April and May also bring Greek Orthodox Easter and a number of traditional local festivals.


Easy to get there and back


Skopelos is easily accessible out of season. Charter flights come and go from neighbouring Skiathos from May until early October. However all year there are frequent flights from Skiathos to Athens, from where flights go to all corners of Europe. Ferries and fast catamaran services, stopping at Skiathos and Volos, continue to access the island several times a day all year round.


Accommodation at bargain prices!


Not only is it the best time of year to visit Skopelos, but it is also the cheapest. All off-season prices are fully negotiable. Get in touch and make an offer!