Skopelos Old Town is the island's largest settlement and location of its main harbour.


The Old Town stretches up the hill overlooking the harbour and the island’s largest bay. It is a treat of white-washed walls, vines, flowers, narrow cobbled passages, aged wooden shutters, balconies and classic stone-built townhouses.


Whilst many of the houses in Skopelos Old Town are now summer homes for Athenians, many others remain family homes for full-time residents of the island, passed down through generations.


At the bottom of the Old Town, around the harbour front, faced by fishing and pleasure boats are the tavernas, fish restaurants, shops, cafes and bars.


Designated a Greek National Heritage site in 1978, rules for development in the Old Town are stringent and mechanised vehicles prohibited (though they are unable to fit up many of the narrow streets in any case).


Visitors can explore the maze of narrow streets where children play and neighbours share coffee, or can head down to the cafes and restaurants on the harbour front.


39 Steps, with its charming courtyard garden, lies in the quiet heart of the Old Town, providing views over rooftops down to the harbour.

Skopelos Old Town

DSC01180 39 Steps skopelos - view from lower alley