Iconic signs and revealing translations

By Sofia, Jun 18 2019 04:04AM

Out of the way places in Greece had, in the past, their displays and signs hand-painted as commercial displays were expensive to produce. One also came across entertaining home-produced translations. In these, b, p, and d were often confused, thereby a dish of fresh crab salad (φρέσκο καβούρι in Greek) could have come out in the English version as fresh cra..?

Greece has come a long way since. Generations changed and the deep recession left its mark, but the optimism of the individuals remains. Nowadays, with the swell of tourism, advertising is rarely unique. Technology reduced the cost of advertising and accuracy of translations has reached a high standard.

What has not changed is the innovative optimism and the positive spirit of the people with their drive to succeed.

See belowsome of the smart, well-designed new advertising to be seen around Skopelos.

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