Lent (away from home)

By Sofia, Mar 7 2020 11:49AM

This year, most of Lent finds me out of the island and out of Greece. I wasn't sure that I would participate as in past years: when not on Skopelos, I found it difficult to carry out alone the abstinence through the full 52 days. It is always easier to carry on with a tradition in a community in which most participate!

Unexpectedly, I found keen spirits to motivate me in Jiri and Irena (husband and wife from the Czech Republic) who enthusiastically entered in the lengthy Easter fast.

They sought guidance and inspiration which I could hardly give without fasting myself! As in past years, my reason for fasting is for detox and presumably the same goes for Jiri and Irena.

Some of the creations we came up with.

1 and 2 by Irena

3 and 4 by me

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