Return to my safe base!

By Sofia, Mar 21 2020 07:11PM

Whilst in Vienna, events moved fast: too fast for comfort and instinct dictated that I should go with the tide and make alternative plans. Friends from the UK, who were to join me for a few days, became hesitant about their visit, nervous of the escalating state of events...

So, I decided to follow my instinct - to cut my stay in Vienna short and return to Skopelos. As beautiful a city as Vienna is, I didn't care for an impending lockdown there!

Sanctuary for me is Skopelos and I could not be happier to be back with springtime nature blooming in the plentiful, calm space of the quiet valleys, hills, coastlines and Old Town. In these strange times, Skopelos provides all I need; it is my 'safe base'. I am so lucky to have it, as are all who live here.

Wherever you find yourself right now, I wish you all a safe stay and look forward to welcoming you - when ready - to our beautiful island, Skopelos.

Life, as we have known it until now, might change, but beautiful Skopelos will still be here for you to appreciate - as all who are residents here do.

Stay safe everyone!

The beauty of Vienna
The beauty of Vienna
The sanctuary of Skopelos
The sanctuary of Skopelos
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