Skopelos offers excellent walking, either taking in great views around the coastline or through the peaks and valleys of the interior.


Unusually for a Greek island, Skopelos is heavily forested, with pine trees stretching from the coast to the hills. The green pine, set against the Aegean sea gives the island its beautiful and distinctive dark green / deep azure colouring.


The island has many churches (over 300) and a number of ancient monasteries, many of which provide great targets for walks from Skopelos Old Town. Sofia, your host and owner of 39 Steps can advise.


Wild Flowers


One of the joys of walking in Skopelos is enjoying the enormous range of wild flowers which grow freely at virtually all times of year. 


A fabulous resource on Skopelos' flowers is This is well worth a visit for anyone planning to do some walking on the island




A great interest of Sofia is foraging for herbs and other free-growing foods around the island. For a small fee she will be delighted to take you on a guided 'forage walk' and, back at 39 Steps, advise on how to use whatever has been collected in your cooking.

Walk and Forage!